Dance is our hidden language.
Dance is our hidden language.
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Hello darlings! we're megan and sydney from ohio and we're 16. dancing is our passion. currently, we are saving up our money to buy an apartment together. Our puppies are Jasper and Grizzly, they're inlove <3 and have been for quite a while. we hope you enjoy our little online notebook, Have a lovely day.
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iced caramel machiatto yummy xx

one of my favorites! omg, i love everything from starbucks.

Fresh and good, Lunch with mom and brothers :)

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This is the White Network. Welcome. You can check out the network page HERE. It is currently under construction so don’t judge lol. 
A few things you should know:
❁ If you’re not following me, I WONT PICK YOU
❁ Preferably a white/ cream or some blog similar to mine
❁ You can reblog as many times you want
❁ The more you reblog the bigger chance i will notice you
❁ Follower count does not matter
❁ I dont care if you like this post
❁ Better be willing to put an icon that leads to this network on your blog
Any way i can get a bigger chance to get in?
❁ If you have more than 3k submit a screenshot of your entire sidebar here
❁ You can try and bribe me.. (; 
❁ Apply HERE
❁ Heres a tip: If you put funny gifs in your application, i’ll laugh.
❁ Tag me in a post saying why you want/ deserve to be in this network.
❁ I track the tag vanilla eternity and amyjxo and vanillaxeternity
Have any questions? Message me here

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